Self Catering vs All Inclusive which is best????

This is a question that we get asked a lot here at Holiday Stylist, the answer is….that there is no right or wrong answer, a lot depends on personal preference but we can help you make your decision with a few advantages of both options.

Self Catering holidays…. the advantages

Self Catering holidays give you the freedom to eat out in restaurants of your choice without having to be back at your holiday base for a certain time for meals. They also give you the chance to experience a variety of cuisine of your choice rather than choosing from a selection of options available on a hotel menu or from a buffet. Self Catering holidays may be a better option if a member of your party suffers from food allergies, meaning you can cater for their needs independently without worrying if the hotel food will be suitable. Self Catering may also work out a cheaper option if you plan on cooking yourself whilst on holiday.

All Inclusive holidays…. the advantages

All Inclusive holidays give the fantastic advantage of being able to plan your budget and pay up front for pretty much everything on your holiday and gives the added benefit of not having to cook (or wash up) whilst on holiday, meaning you can have a complete rest. A little tip from us, however, if you do plan on taking an all inclusive holiday it might be an idea to book a hotel with at least a couple of different places to dine to give yourself a bit of choice. For those of you with children the best advantage of an all inclusive holiday has to be the fact that the kids can have as many drinks and as much ice-cream (check if your hotel includes ice-cream) as they want without you having to put your hand in your pocket every time.

We have tried to help with your decision, however our advice when choosing between self catering and all inclusive would be to work out the difference in cost of both options. All inclusive can sometimes initially look expensive but if you divide the cost difference into the number of days of your holiday and factor in your daily spending on self catering, we usually find all inclusive is better value for money overall, however it can be more restricting.

Which ever option you decide is best suited to your needs give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you find your perfect holiday.

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